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Reviews Grove at Seabrook Apartments Seabrook, TX

Grove at Seabrook Reviews

Check out what our residents are saying about Grove at Seabrook Apartments located in Seabrook, TX! To learn more about how you can be a resident here, email us at [email protected] or call today at 281-918-8072, we will be happy to assist.

"I have been living here for just over a year. I contemplated moving when my lease was up but then a new company purchased the apartments and new management too. I cannot say enough good things about the team of Ms. Sahara and Ms. Renee. They are super friendly and very attentive. For service issues, they are Johnny on the Spot (oops, PC folks) Joanie in the spot. They started near weekly community events and are really pushing the family/community spirit and love. We hadn’t had that before and it is very endearing and close to my heart as a father. Keep it up ladies! Peace love and happiness!"

Martin D.
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"This past weekend we had a resident Thanksgiving brunch and it was awesome! A great layout of food and snacks and door prizes! This is a great community!
Janie and Johanna are top-notch! Very professional and caring towards their tenants! We've only been here two weeks and this is the best staff that we've EVER encountered living in an apartment! The customer service is above and beyond and I would recommend you stopping by and checking this property out!"

Bryan-Keyth W.
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"From the moment I stepped unto the property I knew I would call this home. To be this close to the water for fishing, dining and water sports is fantastic. Reasonable rent and a great staff (Janie, Johanna, Antonio & David). The property is kept clean and my neighbors are great. Highly recommend!"

Bar C.
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"Working for Grove at Seabrook has been a wonderful experience. The manager is lovely lady who really does care for people. I have seen how she goes out of her way to help her residents and all the vendors. Everyone that works there are wonderful people."

Carpet C.
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"If your looking for a small community in the heart of Seabrook chose The Grove at Seabrook.
This property has great floor plans with beautiful updated apartments not to mention, a sparkling pool, fitness center, business center and a playground for the children. Hands down on the most professional office team. Janie the property manager is the sweetest lady who goes the extra mile along with her sweet assistant manager Johanna. I've seen the maintenance staff at work always greeting people with a Smile!!"

Michelle K.
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"The apartments and community are absolutely life changing for me, everyone there is willing to go the extra mile to not only look out for one another, they make sure they help each other at whatever it is we might need or want. The people that work here are a huge part in caring for our needs and wants. The immediate response we receive is impressive and it makes it so easy to fall completely in love with were Im living. A renters dream."

Jeffrey M.
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"I have had a great experience at the Grove at Seabrook and the new office staff is amazing. They offer a very welcoming environment and are always very responsive and super helpful! Any requests or maintenance issues are always addressed in a very efficient manner. I would recommend leasing at this property and look forward to staying for a while."

Sheri W.
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"I love my apartment!! The office staff is one in a million, so sweet and so caring! There's always somthing fun to do here at grove of Seabrook like hang out at the pool go for a workout or take the kids to the huge playground they have here. I don't have one bad thing I could say about this apartment complex."

Kelly D.
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"Make Grove Great Again!! If Denise and Lisa were running for public office we would vote for them!! These two along with Mr. Antonio work very hard to bring back the great quality these charming older apartment rightfully deserve! Give them their praise and a very good raise! Good workers are hard to find and we have three professionals who have our vote to keep Grove Great!!"

Bethani H.
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"The new management staff at Groves in Seabrook, Texas is awesome. Particularly Denise and Antonio, since this team has taken over the apartment complex, things are getting accomplished everyday. The team has implemented new and exciting functions, and created ideas for friends and family to enjoy this summer. Denise and Antonio's ambition and professionalism has created a real shift in the overall atmosphere of this beautiful complex. God Bless you to the Groves Management Team."

Brandon H.
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"I am currently a tenant at this location and totally love the staff! They are extremely nice and make you feel like family and the units are all spacious! They are well kept up and crime is non-existent! Management keeps the riffraff away. It's totally a home atmosphere all around and this is definitely a place I happily call home!"

Stevie R.
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"Beautiful grounds. Nice fitness center. Affordable and in a great area close to everything"

Wendy R.
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"Hubs and I just renewed our lease for a year and couldn’t be happier! The new management, leasing & maintenance team is amazing! Since they have been here there have been so many improvements on the property and I am sure there’s more to come!"

Raquel P.
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"It's nice and safe. The manager Renee is so happy and nice too!"

Amanda G.
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"This is my second month living here and I have to say I’m so happy I found this place. The management is great they treat everyone like family. Any questions or concerns I have, they are on top of it. I also wanted to thank Renee for so being so helpful."

B. L.
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